When you float upon moss clouds
from fertile bluffs above the river
you sit with broken jaws
and loose teeth
supercharged carbon fragments
of ancestors who love you
now sun bleached and scattered
place your palm upon them
ask for the strength to be
a better steward to yourself

Hand painted patch of a raccoon jaw bone and teeth in flowering moss on rust colored denim.

Back into writing poetry after a long hiatus, or at least back to sharing these words the world. The jawbone and moss flowers patch above was inspired by this poem that I wrote by the side of the river a couple weeks back. It’s painted on rust-colored denim that I had kept forever thinking I’d make patches someday. Well, here’s the day. I’ve started making little hand-painted sew-on patches from upcycled clothes (since I can’t seem to let go of any potential art material), and they seem to be a hit on my shop. I just paint little sketches and put them up for sale as an exercise against my perfectionist tendencies. Something is better than stagnation! Can’t promise this one will be around by the time you read this post, but if you are interested…