An abstract circular illustration of covid-19 virus in blue, teal and ochre. B117 written around it.

my nail beds were blue
I curled up on the bottom of the shower
trying to remember if they were always that color
I couldn’t get warm enough
“Are you alright?”
from the other side
one sick person to another
the love of my life
a soft shadow on a wet plastic curtain
I’m alright
it’s just hard not to feel melodramatic
yes, I’m positive
even if I die
I’d like to die near you
I can say I love you as many times as I can
verbally that is
my love for you already encompasses everything
it will always be
a tiny virus
constricting both sets of our lungs
my love gives you chills
burns you up and spins you dizzy
just sit in a porcelain basin
let the water
roll off your back
let my love hold you while you sleep and
make you rest the way
you need to