Introducing Ren S.K. Studio

Illustration and design by yours truly

Django, my blind green bird friend, climbing up my head in the art studio like it was the presidential challenge in front of my drafting table with painted pieces on it.
Django, my blind bird friend, climbing up my head in the art studio like it was the presidential challenge

As I write this, the year 2020 is coming to a close. Just as many of us have had a change in our personal lives and livelihoods, I have taken steps to create my own illustration and design business! After over a decade of working full time as an in-house designer, the pandemic had thrown me a curve ball by being laid off.

As tough as this was – and as hard as the pandemic has been on my global neighbors, I found a silver lining of autonomy that I hadn’t experienced much before. I decided it was time to be my own boss, at least part-time if I could pull it off. And the journey slowly began. Thank you for being here to support small business and artists.

The Art I Create

While I am trained as a graphic designer, I mainly create illustrations for clients in the studio. Both of these fields are my passions and I love when I can combine the two! Commissions are a large component of what I create and I like to make art prints and merch of my own creations.

I also focus on my own art and poetry. I build on inspiration from the natural world, which I respect greatly. I hope my work can help others connect to nature as well. I plan to create prints of some of my favorite art pieces going forward so keep an eye out for my online shop (soon to come).

A Peek Into The Studio

Photo of a sketchbook open on my drafting table with art supplies behind it
Where the magic happens!

This is where the magic happens! I work in this space along with the occasional bird supervisor to make sure I’m on track. I live with three adopted old men parakeets, Sufi, Django and Opa. They make appearances on my instagram account. Their cheerful personalities, songs, and antics bring me so much joy in the studio. I also value working with the natural light and having access to all my tools. Working here has greatly improved my quality of life despite the hardships. I hope that you enjoy what comes out of this studio and follow me for future art endeavors!

Opa, the green parakeet on my shoulder as I work at the drafting table in my studio
Being supervised by my avian friend, Opa bird.